Randa G. Keeley, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Teacher Education

Randa G. Keeley, Ph.D.


SH 111



Randa G. Keeley, PhD is an Assistant Professor in Special Education with a research concentration in classroom interventions that promote inclusive learning environments for students with special educational needs and disabilities. Her research interests include the application of quantitative and qualitative measures to analyze the effects of inclusive practices, culturally responsive teaching, and co-teaching as they relate to the teacher and student.


Ph.D., Special Education, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
M.A., English Literature/Secondary Education, Texas A&M- Commerce, Commerce, TX
B.S., Legal Studies, East Central University, Ada, OK

Research Interests

Teacher Preparation; Culturally Responsive Teaching; Inclusive Practices; Mild/Moderate Disabilities; Co-Teaching; Cultural and Linguistic Diversity; Multicultural Special Education

Latest Articles

Put Yourself in Their Shoes: How to Check in with Students in an Online Learning Environment
Faculty Focus (2020)
Randa Keeley, Maria Peterson-Ahmad

Students with Specific Learning Disabilities' Experiences with Instructional Materials and Programs in a Blended High School History Classroom: A Phenomenological Study of Accessibility
Journal of Online Learning Research (2020)
Rebecca Alvarado-Alcantar, Randa Keeley

The Development of AISSEND: An Observation Tool to Assess Inclusive Practices
Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals (JAASEP) (2019)
Randa G. Keeley, David W. Keeley, Rebecca Alvarado-Alcantar

Using multimedia instruction and performance feedback to improve preservice teachers' vocabulary instruction
Teacher Education and Special Education (2018)
Katherine Peeples, S Hirsch, Stephanie Gardner, Randa Keeley, Michael Kennedy

Using an alternating treatment design in a co-taught classroom to measure student on-task behavior
Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals (JAASEP) (2018)
Randa Keeley

Survey of the programmatic needs in blended learning settings for students with disabilities in high school.
Journal of Online Learning Research (2018)
Rebecca Alvarado-Alcantar, Randa G Keeley, Breanna L. Sherrow

Evaluating the student experience in the co-taught classroom
International Journal of Special Education (Online) (2017)
Randa G Keeley, Monica R Brown, Deborah Knapp

Freirian perspectives on becoming female researcher-academics in special education.
Educational Research (2016)
Medina Amelia, Randa Keeley, Amal Ibrahim, Leslie Costa-Guerra

Measurements of student and teacher perceptions of co-teaching models
The Journal of Special Education Apprenticeship (2015)
Randa Keeley


Observational screening by teachers for developmental delays and disabilities
in Foundations, strategies, and applications for teaching young children with special needs | Mongolian National Press (2018)
Randa Keeley, Lynn Bagwell

Functional behavioral assessment
in Foundations and strategies and applications for teaching young children with special needs | Mongolian National Press (2018)
Randa Keeley

Current Projects

Current projects include further investigation and intervention within the inclusive classroom using the validated observation tool AISSEND, development of professional development for inclusive classroom educators, and investigating observational data collection methods.

Internally Funded Projects

Examining the Effects of Increased Inclusive Practices on the Academic Performance and Self-determination of Students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Office of Research and Special Programs, TWU | $9,934.00 | 2018
Research Grant

Validation and Feasibility of AISSEND: The Assessment of Inclusion for Students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.
New Mexico State University College of Education | $8,094.00 | 2017
Research Grant

Professional Affiliations

  • Council for Exceptional Children
  • Council for Learning Disabilities
  • Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children