Wyona Freysteinson, Ph.D.

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Wyona Freysteinson, Ph.D.


HOU 7410


My nursing work has spanned emergency, neurosurgery, intensive care, medicine, home health, and hospice. I have held positions as a clinical generalist, hospital educator, performance improvement specialist, and nursing Director. In 2009-2011I developed Memorial Hermann (MH) Healthcare System's Hospice Program. I have taught undergraduate and graduate nursing students. In the DNP/PhD nursing programs, I teach philosophy, scholarship, literature review, and writing for publication. I am the VP and co-founder of the National Woman with Disabilities Empowerment Forum, Director and founder of a Parish Nursing Ministry, a Sigma Theta Tau Faculty Scholar, and President of Sigma Beta Beta Chapter, Houston. In my clinical work, I realized the mirror viewing experience was distressful for those who suffered visible disfigurement due to trauma, surgery, or disease. My research interests have focused on this experience in the terminally ill, individuals who have an amputation of a limb(s), women who have had a mastectomy, and woman veterans. Three hospitals in the MH Healthcare System have joined a research trajectory known as "The Mirror Project" and are actively training their nurses in a bedside mirror intervention.


Ph.D., Science of Nursing, Texas Woman's University, Denton, Texas, 2011
M.S., Education, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, 1994
B.S.N., University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, 1991
Dipl, Saskatchewan Institute of Science and Technology, 1976

Research Interests

Body Image and Mirror Viewing; Terminally Ill; Amputation; Mastectomy; Women Veterans with Military Sexual Trauma; Language of Scholarship, Clinical Communication in Health Care

Latest Articles

A synopsis of Ricoeur's phenomenology of the will: Implications for nursing practice, research, and education.
Journal of Holistic Nursing (2018)
Wyona M Freysteinson

Perceptions of women veterans with military sexual trauma of the embodied self: mirror, societal, and intimacy self-images.
Issues in Mental Health Nursing (2018)
Wyona M Freysteinson, Susan Mellott, Tania Celia, Jinlun Du, Marilyn Goff

A study of the person with limb loss viewing self in the mirror.
Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (2017)
Wyona M Freysteinson

Mirror Therapy: can be this technique used on facial disfigurement?
Revista E-Psi (2017)
Jose Mendes, Wyona Freysteinson, R Gamboa, V Pereira

An accent modification program
Journal of Professional Nursing (2017)
Wyona M Freysteinson, Joshua Adams, Sandra Cesario, Hanna Belay, Paula Clutter

Concurrent medical conditions in autism spectrum disorders.
Pediatric Nursing (2016)
T. Celia, R. E. Frye, W. M. Freysteinson

A Study of the amputee experience of viewing self in a mirror
Rehabilitation Nursing (2016)
Wyona M Freysteinson, L Thomas, A Sebastian-Deutsch, D Douglas, D Melton

Current Projects

The aim of "The Mirror Project" research trajectory is to validate a newly developed mirror image tool, train nurses in a supportive mirror intervention, and study the effect of this intervention on individuals who have suffered disfiguring injuries. Current studies include: The Development of a Tool to Measure Viewing One's Image in a Mirror: The Mirror Image Comfort Acceptance Scale (MICAS). Nurses' Confidence in and Frequency of Supporting Patients in Mirror-viewing: A Feasibility Study of a Mirror Educational Program. and The Effect of a Supportive Mirror Intervention on Mirror Viewing, Body Image, and Quality of Life for Individuals who have had an Amputation of a Limb: A Feasibility Study.

Externally Funded Projects

The Development of a Tool to Measure Viewing Self in the Mirror: The Mirror Image Comfort & Acceptance Scale
Sigma Theta Tau International - Honor Scoiety of Nursing Beta Beta Chapter | $2,000.00 | 2018
Role: Principal Investigator

I am my Body: The Effect of Therapeutic Storytelling for Woman Veterans with Military Sexual Trauma
Sigma Theta Tau International - Honor Scoiety of Nursing | $1,000.00 | 2018
Role: Principal Investigator

Nurses Confidence in and Frequency of Supporting Patients in Mirror-Viewing after Body Disfigurement Year 1 of 2
Texas Institute of Rehabilitation and Research | $8,000.00 | 2017
Role: Co-Principal Investigator

Internally Funded Projects

The Development of a Tool to Measure Viewing One's Image in a Mirror: The Mirror Image Comfort & Acceptance Scale (MICAS)
Texas Woman's University | $9,995.00 | 2018
Research Grant

Body Image Issues of Homeless Female Veterans with Visible or Invisible Bodily Changes who are Re-building their Civilian Lives
Texas Woman's University Dean's Funds | $715.00 | 2016
Research Grant

Professional Affiliations

  • American Nurses Association
  • Global Alliance for Arts and Healthcare
  • International Philosophy of Nursing Society
  • Oncology Nursing Society
  • Sigma Theta Tau Beta Beta-Houston Chapter
  • Southern Nurses Research Association
  • Texas Nurses Association
  • The Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science
  • The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi

Honors & Awards

  • Texas Nurses Association Distrct 9 Honoree (2018)
  • Salute to Nurses Award (2018)
  • Emma Josephine Loeffelholz McMorris Spirituality Award (2017)