Judith McFarlane, Dr.P.H., RN

Professor and Parry Nursing Chair in Health Promotion


Judith McFarlane, Dr.P.H., RN


HOU 7422


D.P.H., Public Health, University of Texas System : Health Science Center-Houston, Houston, Texas
M.S.N., Pediatric Nursing, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
B.S.N., Nursing, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

Research Interests

Partner Violence; Biobehavioral; Translational Research and Access Redesign; Community Health

Latest Articles

The Lived Experiences of Family Caregivers of Persons Dying in Home Hospice: Support, Advocacy, and Information Urgently Needed
Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care nursing (2020)
Judith McFarlane, F. Liu

The FAST-PTSD for Predicting Clinical PTSD 7-Years Following First Contact for Abuse Services
Journal of Women's Health (2020)
Judith McFarlane, J. Maddoux, R. Paulson, L. Symes, E. Jouriles

Exposure to interparental intimate partner violence and the development of borderline features in adolescents
Child Abuse & Neglect (2020)
C. Sharps, S. Vanwoerden, E. Jouriles, A. Godfrey, J. Babcock

Developing a Model of Economic Solvency for Women who have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence
Violence Against Women: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal (2019)
H. Gilroy, Judith McFarlane, A. Nava

Use of activity-oriented questions in qualitative focus group discussions to explore youth violence in Sindh, Pakistan
Nursing Practice Today (2019)
H. Khuwaja, K. Rozina, Judith McFarlane, R. Jewkes

Evaluating an Intergenerational Model to Explain the Path from Violence Against Mothers to Child Behavior and Academic Outcomes
Violence Against Women: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal (2019)
L. Symes, Judith McFarlane, J. Maddoux, N. Fredland

Youth Exposed to Parental Intimate Partner Violence and Bullying at School
Journal of Community and Public Health Nursing (2018)
N Fredland, Judith McFarlane, J Maddoux, B Binder

Using a Model of Economic Solvency to Understand the Connection between Economic Factors and Intimate Partner Violence
Journal of International Women's Studies (2018)
H Gilroy, J McFarlane, N Fredland, S Cesario, A Nava

The Intersection of Adolescent Depression and Peer Violence: Baseline Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial of 1,752 Youth in Pakistan
Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health (2018)
N Asad, R Karmaliani, J McFarlane, S Shehzad, Y Somani

Using Baseline data to predict chronic PTSD 48-months after mothers' report intimate partner violence: Outcomes for Mothers and the Intergenerational Impact on Child Behavioral Functioning
Archives of Psychiatric Nursing (2018)
J Maddoux, J McFarlane, L Symes, N Fredland, G Feder

Establishing Concurrent Validity for a Brief PTSD Screen Among Women in a Domestic Violence Shelter
Journal of Interpersonal Violence (2018)
L Symes, J McFarlane, J Maddoux, L Levine, K S Landrum

Youth exposed to intimate partner violence and bullying
Journal of Community and Public Health Nursing (2018)
Nina Fredland, J McFarlane, J Maddoux, B Binder

Characteristics of Abused Immigrant Women with Children Who Obtain Legal Immigrant Status: Implications for Front Line Intervention Strategies
Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies (2018)
A Nava, J McFarlane, J Maddoux, H Gilroy, N Montalvo

Exploring the Association of Maternal Adverse Childhood Experiences with Maternal Health and Child Behavior following Intimate Partner Violence
Journal of Women's Health (2017)
Nina Fredland, J McFArlane, L Symes, J Maddoux

Continued Intimate Partner Violence During Pregnancy y nd After Birth and Its Effect on Child Functioning
Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing (2016)
Ann Bianchi, Judith McFarlane, Sandy Cesario, Lene Symes, John Maddoux

A Tool for Predicting Future PTSD Symptoms When Women First Report Intimate Partner Violence
Journal of Women's Health (2016)
Lene Symes, John Maddoux, Judith McFarlane, Jackie Pennings

Modeling the Intergenerational Impact of Partner Abuse on Maternal and Child Function at 24mos post Outreach: Implications for Practice and Policy
Nursing Outlook (2016)
Fredland Nina, Judith McFarlane, Lene Symes, John Maddoux, Jackie Pennings

Homelessness, Housing Instability, Intimater Partner Violence, Mental Health and Functioning: A Multi-Year Cohort Study of IPV Survivors and Their Children
Journal of Social Distress and Homeless (2016)
Heidi Gilroy, Judith McFarlane, John Mzddoux, Cris Sullivan

Partner Abuse to Mothers Compromises Functioning of Children through Maternal Mental Malfunctioning: Analysis of 300 Mother Child Pairs
Research in Nursing & Health (2016)
John Maddoux, Fuqin Liu, Judith McFarlane, Lene Symes, Brenda Binder

Interrupting intimate partner violence during pregnancy with an effective screening and assessment program (includes CNE module),
Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing (2016)
A Bianchi, Sandra Cesario, J. McFarlane

Perceived Fertility Control and Pregnancy Outcomes Among Abused Women
Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing (2016)
Fuqin Liu, Judith McFarlane, John Maddoux, Sandy Cesario, Heidi Gilroy

Predicting Abused Women With Children Who Return To A Shelter: Development and Use of a Rapid Assessment Triage Tool
Value Examiner, The (2016)
Judith McFarlane, Jackie Pennings, Fuqin Liu, Heidi Gilroy

Child Brides, Forced Marriage, and Partner Violence in America: Tip of an Iceberg Revealed.
Obstetrics and Gynecology (2016)
Judith McFarlane, Angeles Nava, Heidi Gilroy, John Maddoux

Parenting in the wake of abuse: Exploring the mediating role of PTSD symptoms on the relationship between parenting and child functioning.
Archives of Psychiatric Nursing (2015)
Lene Symes, Judith McFarlane, John Maddox, Weidan Zhou

Predicting Behavior Dysfunctions of Youth Living in Violent Homes: A Rapid Assessment Triage Tool
Journal of Applied Research on Children (2015)
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The Intersection of Partner Violence and Adverse Childhood Experiences: Implications for Research and Clinical Practice
Issues in Mental Health Nursing (2015)
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Characteristics of Abused Women with Children Who are First Time Users Of a Shelter Compared to First Time Applicants for a Protection Order: Entry Data of A Seven-Year Prospective Analysis
Violence Against Women: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal (2015)
Judith McFarlane, John Maddox, Heidi Gilroy, Angeles Nava

Predictors and outcomes of community agency use in abused mothers.
Public Health Nursing (2015)
Heidi Gilroy, John Maddox, Lena Symes, Nina Fredland, Judith McFarlane

Poverty, Partner Abuse, and Women's Mental Health: New Knowledge for Better Practice
Journal of Social Service Research (2015)
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Connecting Partner Violence to Poor Functioning for Women and Children: Modeling Intergenerational Outcomes
Journal of Family Violence (2015)
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Preventative health screening amongst women who have experienced intimate partner violence.
International Journal of Women's Health and Reproduction Sciences (2015)
Sandra Cesario, Fuqin Liu, Heidi Gilroy, Anne Koci, Judith McFarlane

Abused women at risk for HPV and cervical cancer: decisions to vaccinate their children.
Clinics in Mother & Child Health (2015)
Sandra Cesario, Judith McFarlane, Fuqin Liu, Zhou Weidan

Children Who Witness Violence Against Their Mothers and Affects on Their Behavior: Baseline Data Analysis for a 7-Year Study.
Pediatric Nursing (2015)
Faye Blair, Judith McFarlane, Angeles Nava


Community as partner: Theory and Practice in Nursing (8th ed.)
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (2019)
E Anderson, Judith McFarlane

Externally Funded Projects

Outcomes effectiveness of shelters and civil protection orders in helping abused women and children transition to safety: Evidence for Practice & Policy Year 4 of 5
$350.00 | 2016
Role: Principal Investigator

Outcomes effectiveness of shelters and civil protection orders in helping abused women and children transition to safety: Evidence for Practice & Policy Year 3 of 5
$350.00 | 2015
Role: Principal Investigator