Hui-Ting Goh, PT, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Physical Therapy

Hui-Ting Goh, PT, Ph.D.

IHSD 8811

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Dr. Hui-Ting Goh is an Assistant Professor of School of Physical Therapy at Texas Woman’s University. As a Physical Therapist, her research focuses on understanding the underlying mechanisms of human movement control and harnessing these mechanisms to promote motor recovery after neurological injuries such as stroke. Her research approaches include using clinical, behavioral and neurophysiological measures to examine brain-behavioral relationship. Dr. Goh leads the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) research in the Neurophysiology Lab. Her group uses TMS to probe the neuroplastic changes associated with brain injury and rehabilitation. The group also uses TMS to modulate cortical excitability to augment the training effects. Dr. Goh has active collaborations with the Department of Kinesiology at TWU, University of South Carolina, and UT Southwestern Medical Center. Her research group has published 18 peer-reviewed papers and presented at multiple national and international conferences.


Ph.D., Biokinesiology, University of Southern California, 2010
M.Sc., Physical Therapy, Texas Woman's University, 2004
B.Sc., Physical Therapy, National Taiwan University, 1999

Research Interests

Stroke Recovery; Motor Control; Motor Learning; Neural Plasticity; Gait Recovery; Post-stroke Fatigue; Non-invasive Brain Stimulation; Motor-cognitive Interaction

Latest Articles

Revealing stroke survivor gait deficits during rehabilitation using ensemble empirical mode decomposition of surface electromyography signals
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control (2020)
Ming-Gui Tan, Jee-Hou Ho, Hui-Ting Goh, Lydia Abdul-Latif, Mazlina Mazlan

Single session of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation to left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex increased dual-task gait speed in chronic stroke: a pilot study
Gait & Posture (2020)
Hui-Ting Goh, Kendall Connolly, Jenna Hardy, Karen McCain

Post-stroke fatigue is related to motor and cognitive performance: a secondary analysis
Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy (2019)
Hui-Ting Goh, Jill C Stewart

Facilitation of Supplementary Motor Area Excitability Improves Dual-Task Walking in Young Adults
Neuroscience Letters (2019)
Hui-Ting Goh, samantha Ewing, David Marchuk, Alex Newton, Isheanesu Nyangani

A new fractal-based kinetic index to characterize gait deficits with application in stroke survivor functional mobility assessment
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control (2019)
Ming-Gui Tan, Jee-Hou Ho, Hui-Ting Goh, Hoon-Kiat Ng, Lydia Abdul-Latif

Social Participation Determines Quality of Life among Urban-Dwelling Older Adults With Stroke in a Developing Country
Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy (2019)
Hui-Ting Goh

Axial segmental coordination during turning in chronic stroke: effects of attentional loading
Motor Control (2017)
H Manaf, M Justine, HT Goh

Psychometric properties of Fatigue Severity Scale in measuring post-stroke fatigue
European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine: A Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation after Pathological Events (2017)
M Nadarajah, M Mazlan, L Abdul-Latif, Hui-Ting Goh

Falls and fear of falling after stroke: a case control study
PM&R (Philadelphia, 2009) : The Journal of Injury, Function and Rehabilitation (2016)
Hui-Ting Goh, M Nadarajah, N Hamzah, MP Tan

Test-retest reliability and validity of Malay Assessment of Life Habits (LIFE-H) to measure social participation in adults with physical disabilities
Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy (2016)
Hui-Ting Goh, K Ramachandram, A Fazah, P Suramaniam

Efficacy of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on refractory epilepsy in Malaysia
Neurology Asia (2016)
SB Ahmad, KS Lim, Hui-Ting Goh, CM Wo, SY Low

Normative data of upper limb strength (grip and key pinch) for older Malaysians
Singapore Medical Journal (2016)
NW Lam, HT Goh, S Kamazurraman, AV Chin, P Poi

Post-stroke fatigue: definition, measurement and management
Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation (2015)
M Nadarajah, HT Goh

Effect of attentional loadings on gait performance during timed up and go test in stroke survivors
PM&R (Philadelphia, 2009) : The Journal of Injury, Function and Rehabilitation (2015)
H Manaf, M Justine, HT Goh

After-effects of a single session of two non-invasive brain stimulation techniques on corticospinal excitability in chronic stroke: a pilot study accepted
Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy (2015)
Hui-Ting Goh, HY Chan, L Abdul Latif

A motion sensor network for quantitative gait measurement
World Journal of Engineering (2015)
M Tan, YC Tea, JH Ho, Hui-Ting Goh, HK Ng

A compact low cost wearable sensor system for quantitative gait measurement
Applied Mechanics and Materials (2014)
MG Tan, JH Leong, JH Ho, HT Goh, HK NG

Evaluation of attentional demands during motor learning: validity of a dual-task probe paradigm
Journal of Motor Behavior (2014)
Hui-Ting Goh, J Gordon, KJ Sullivan, CJ Winstein

Comparison of gait parameters across three attentional loading conditions during Timed Up and Go test in stroke survivors
Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation (2014)
H Manaf, M Justine, HT Goh, L Abd Latif

Motor learning in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy: feedback effects on skill acquisition
Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology (2014)
PA Burtner, SS Kantak, R Leinwand, HT Goh, KJ Sullivan

Current Projects

1. Feasibility and efficacy of high frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) combined with body-weight supported treadmill training in subacute stroke
2. Neural correlates of post-stroke fatigue: a multimodal approach
3. Effect of 5Hz rTMS on dual-task walking after stroke

Externally Funded Projects

High frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) combined with body weight supported treadmill training (BWSTT) after stroke: a pilot study
American Society of Neurorehabilitation Clinical Research Seed Grant | $4,998.00 | 2017
Role: Principal Investigator

Internally Funded Projects

NIRSport 2 fNIRS device
Texas Woman's University TARGET | 2019
Research Grant

Post-stroke fatigue: a motor control deficit?
Texas Woman's University | $6,518.00 | 2019
Research Grant

Protokinetics Zeno Walkway
Texas Woman's University TARGET | $100,960.00 | 2018
Research Grant

Effect of aging on dual-task gait performance: a pilot study
$800.00 | 2018
Research Grant

Immediate and Short-term Effects of Single-session Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on Pain Thresholds In Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain – A Pilot Study
Research Grant

Efficacy of non-invasive brain stimulation on dual-task gait performance after stroke
Texas Woman's University | $750.00 | 2017
Research Grant