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Cynthia Evetts, Ph.D., O.T.R.

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Cynthia Evetts, PhD, OTR, is Professor and Director of the School of Occupational Therapy at Texas Woman's University. Her educational background includes industrial arts education, occupational therapy, and community health education. Her professional experience has focused primarily on mental health working with persons in psychiatric treatment facilities, skilled nursing facilities, long-term care, out-patient and respite programs, and briefly in special education. She is an AOTA Credentialed Leader in Academia, an associate fellow of the Center for Research on Women's Health, and a member of the Phi Kappa Phi honor society. She has presented numerous workshops on the therapeutic use of crafts in therapy and co-authored the book "Mindful Crafts as Therapy: Engaging More than Hands" (2017, F.A. Davis) with Dr. Suzanne Peloquin. Her 20+ years as an educator in occupational therapy have nurtured an affinity for applying theory to guide best practice. Current passions include a focus on use of meaningful activity to enhance occupational well-being and participation in everyday living.


Ph.D., Health Education, Texas Woman's University, Denton, Texas
M.O.T., Occupational Therapy, Texas Woman's University, Denton, Texas
B.S., Industrial Arts, Texas A&M University: College Station, College Station, Texas


Occupational Adaptation; Occupational Well-being; Occupation-based Practice; Occupational Justice; Occupational Deprivation; Psychosocial Impact of Disability; Stress; Academic Leadership

Latest Articles

Healthy weavers: Using ergonomics for comfortable weaving
Handwoven Magazine (2022)
Cynthia Evetts, TIna Fletcher

Occupational Adaptation as a Social Process for Dementia Care Teams
Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy (2022)
M. Heather McKay, Noralyn D. Pickens, S. Ann Medley, Suzanne P. Burns, Janice K. Chow

Outcomes of team-centered, occupational adaptation-based versus traditional dementia workforce training
Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy (2021)
M. H. McKay, Noralyn Pickens, Ann Medley, Cynthia Evetts

Occupational Adaptation as a model for intervention in Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)
Occupational Therapy in Health Care: A Journal of Contemporary Practice (2021)
Emily M. Rich, Cynthia Evetts

A strength's based cognitive approach to enhancing occupational performance and self-efficacy in individuals with Schizophrenia
American Journal of Occupational Therapy (2021)
Christine Linkie, Cynthia Evetts

Effect of an Occupation-Based Program for Women with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Who are Incarcerated
Annals of International Occupational Therapy (2020)
Laurie D Stelter, Cynthia L Evetts

Reclaiming and Proclaiming the Use of Crafts in Occupational Therapy
Open Journal of Occupational Therapy (Online) (2016)
Emily Leenerts, Cynthia Evetts, Emily Miller


Mindful Crafts as Therapy: Engaging More than Hands
F.A. Davis (2017)
Cynthia Evetts, Suzanne Peloquin


Physical and virtual environments: Meaning of place and space
in Willard and Spackman's Occupational Therapy | Wolters - Kluwer (2019)
Noralyn D. Pickens, Cynthia Evetts

Recent Presentations

Exploring connections between everyday aesthetic emotion and doing occupation.
Inaugural World Occupational Science Conference (2022)
Paper | Cynthia Evetts, Kyle Karen

Punishment for Participation: Addressing the Challenges of Practice and Program Evaluation Within Criminal Justice Settings
2019 AOTA Annual Conference (2019)
Podium | Laurie Stelter, Cynthia Evetts

Occupational Wellbeing Inventory: Scale Development, Validity & Application
Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists Conference 2019 (2019)
Paper | Cynthia Evetts, Rachel L McClure

Tossing Your Hat Over the Fence: Engaging Institutionalized Populations
2018 TOTA Mountain Central Conference (2018)
Paper | Stelter Laurie, Cynthia Evetts

Systematic Occupational Analysis Process: Promoting Occupation-Based Practice
Texas Occupational Therapy Association, Mountain Central Conference (2018)
Faculty Workshop | Cynthia Evetts, Rachel McClure

Case studies from Occupational Adaptation practice models that cross lifespan and contexts: Best practice driven by theory
2018 AOTA Annual Conference & Expo (2018)
Faculty Workshop | Janice Chow, Kim Broussard, Jessica Gonzales , Lou Ann Hintz, Cynthia Evetts

Occupational Adaptation Practice Models Across Lifespan and Contexts
2017 Texas / Mountain Central Occupational Therapy Conference (2017)
Podium | Cynthia Evetts, Janice Chow, Jessica Gonzales, Christine Maas, Kim Broussard

Poster 6103 - Mindfulness in Occupational Therapy: Best Practice Using Crafts
AOTA 2017 Annual Conference & Centennial Celebration (2017)
Paper | Cynthia Evetts, Suzanne Peloquin

Poster 2002 - The Eleanor Clark Slagle Lectures Revisited Through Thematic and Impact Analyses
AOTA 2017 Annual Conference & Centennial Celebration (2017)
Paper | Jared Gamble, Cynthia Evetts, Noralyn Pickens

Poster 1127 - Fight or Flight Versus Tend and Befriend Behavioral Response to Stress
AOTA 2017 Annual Conference & Centennial Celebration (2017)
Paper | Cynthia Evetts

Mindfulness in Occupational Therapy: Best Practice Using Crafts
2016 TOTA Mountain Central Conference (2016)
Faculty Workshop | Suzanne Peloquin, Cynthia Evetts

Effective and Engaging Intervention: What's in Your Pocket?
2016 AOTA Annual Conference & Expo (2016)
Poster | Cynthia Evetts

Effective and Engaging Intervention: What's in Your Pocket?
TOTA Mountain Central Conference (2015)
Podium | Cynthia Evetts, Rosiane Maia, Dora Alcacio

Professional Affiliations

  • American Occupational Therapy Association
  • Society for the Study of Occupation: USA
  • Texas Occupational Therapy Association
  • World Federation of Occupational Therapists

Honors & Awards

  • Credentialed Leader in Academia, American Occupational Therapy Association (2018)