Pei-Fen Chang, Ph.D., OTR

Associate Professor

Occupational Therapy

Pei-Fen Chang, Ph.D., OTR

Houston Room. 7025

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Ph.D., Preventive Medicine and Community Health, University of Texas System : Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas
M.S., Gerontology, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
B.S., Occupational Therapy, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan


Transition And Adaptation In Older Adults; Quality Of Life And Patient Satisfaction; Research Methodologies; Rehabilitation Technologies; Building Online Resource Database For Older Adults, Veterans, Minorities, And People With Disabilities

Latest Articles

Comparison of responsiveness of the Barthel index and modified Barthel index in patients with stroke
Disability and Rehabilitation (2022)
Yi-Ching Wang, Pei-Fen Chang, Yi-Miau Chen, Ya-Chen Lee, Sheau-Ling Huang

Exploring spirituality of elders relocating into long-term care facilitles
The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy (2022)
Kai-Li Tsai, Pei-Fen Chang, Anila J Mathew, Clarrisa Richard, Harriett Davidson

Idiopathic Toe Walking and Postural Instability: The Next Step
Annals of International Occupational Therapy (2021)
Jessica J McHugh, Mary F Baxter, Pei Fen Chang, Katy Mitchell

Psychometric evaluation of the disabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand (DASH) in patients with orthopedic shoulder impairments seeking outpatient rehabilitation
Journal of Hand Therapy (2021)
I Wang, J Kapellusch, M.H. Rahman, I Lehman, C-J Liu

Predicting the handgrip strength across the age span: Cross-validating reference equations from the 2011 NIH toolbox norming study
Journal of Hand Therapy (2020)
Inga Wang, Richard W Bohannon, Jay Kapellush, Mohammad H Rahman, Pei-Fen Chang

Validity of the Sock Test for Sitting Balance: A Functional Assessment Tool
Occupational Therapy Journal of Research (2020)
Ingrid A Franc, Mary Frances Baxter, Katy Mitchell, Marsha Neville, Pei Fen Chang

Persons with dementia and their caregivers' perceptions about occupational and telehealth: A qualitative descriptive study
Home Healthcare Now (2018)
R. M Nissen, G Hersch, M Tietze, P Chang

Effectiveness of Interventions Within the Scope of Occupational Therapy Practice to Improve Motor Function for Individuals With Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review.
American Journal of Occupational Therapy (2016)
P-F Chang, Mary Frances Baxter, Jenna Rissky


High fidelity and objectivity in balance assessment – A comparative study of the 6-degree motion tracking for body balance assessment to the conventional paper test
in Advances in Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE) 2021, AISC 1205 | Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020 (2020)
A Louw, P-F Chang, J Feng

Recent Presentations

Alleviating loneliness during transition into long-term care: What can OT do?
2019 TOTA annual conference (2019)
Faculty Workshop | Pei-Fen Chang, H Davidson, G Hersch, K-L Tsai

Transition and adaptation after relocation to long-term care facilities: A Taiwan experience
2019 American Society on Aging annual conference (2019)
Faculty Workshop | Pei-Fen Chang, Gayle Hersch

Transition and adaptation in older adults
Occupational Therapy Association annual meeting (2018)
Faculty Workshop | Pei-Fen Chang

Deriving an occupational profile from older adult reflections
2018 AOTA annual conference (2018)
Poster | Gayle Hersch, Harriett Davidson, Pei-Fen Chang, Kai-Li Tsai, Anlee Birch-Evans

A different perspective of occupational therapy
The Department of OT annual meeting (2017)
Podium | Pei-Fen Chang

Translating evidence to clinical practice for community-based occupational therapy
Occupational Science Symposium (2017)
Symposium | Pei-Fen Chang

Deriving an occupational profile from older adults reflections
TOTA 2017 annual conference (2017)
Faculty Workshop | Gayle Hersch, Anlee Birch-Evans, Harriett Davidson, Pei-Fen Chang, Kai-Li Tsai

Testing an occupation-based cultural group intervention for residents in long-term care settings
2017 AOTA annual conference (2017)
Poster | Pei-Fen Chang, Amy Amspoker, Anlee Birch-Evans, Harriett Davidson, Gayle Hersch

1. Occupational therapy for all: Addressing the needs for diverse people and communities.
AOTA Annual Conference (2017)
Symposium Paper | Beverly Horowitz, Pei-Fen Chang, Alex Lopez, Cristina Smith

Driving and self-efficacy in patients with traumatic brain injury
AOTA Annual Conference (2016)
Poster | Keith McWilliams, Pei-Fen Chang

Honors & Awards

  • Fulbright US Senior Scholar, The Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (2017)