Xiaofen Du, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Nutrition and Food Sciences

Xiaofen Du, Ph.D.


OMB 301

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Dr. Xiaofen Du’s Ph.D. dissertation research focused on the aroma-active volatiles, sensory evaluation, and flavor precursors in blackberries. Her postdoc research focused on examining the flavor profiles (aroma-active compounds and sensory evaluation) of strawberries, blueberries, and tomatoes, and developed fast analysis methods used in the field and food industry. She became a senior scientist at Firmenich with research focusing on flavor profile analysis of various fruits, dairy products, nuts, and tea. Dr. Du joined the faculty of Texas Woman’s University in January 2017. Dr. Du’s research interests include natural flavor ingredient development, flavor (aroma, taste, texture, and mouthfeel) and sensory evaluation of various fresh and processed foods and beverages, and the relationship between food flavor and indirect and direct health benefits.


Ph.D., Food Sci and Tech, Oregon State University, Corvallis
M.S., Food Sci and Tech, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan
B.S., Food Sci and Tech, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan

Latest Articles

Examining the consumer view of refreshing perception, relevant fruits, vegetables, soft drinks, and beers, and consumer age and gender segmentations
Food Science & Nutrition (Online) (2022)
Jessica Ramirez, Amy Hampton, Xiaofen Du

Sautéing and roasting effect on free amino acid profiles in portobello and shiitake mushrooms, and the effect of mushroom- and cooking-related volatile aroma compounds on meaty flavor enhancement
International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science (2022)
Mindy Davila, Adriana Muniz, Xiaofen Du

Consumer expectation on flavored water functions, sensory quality, and sugar reduction and the impact of demographic variables and women consumer segments
Foods (2022)
Uijeong An, Xiaofen Du, Wanyi Wang

Free amino acids and volatile aroma compounds in watermelon flesh, rind, and flesh-rind blends
Molecules (2022)
Xiaofen Du, Mindy Davila, Jessica Ramirez, Cierra Williams

Watermelon rind and flesh volatile profiles and variety difference
Horticulturae (2022)
Xiaofen Du, Jessica Ramirez

Aroma and flavor profiles of ten cucumber varieties using a panel trained with chemical references
ACS Food Science & Technology (2022)
Cierra Williams, Yiqun Weng, Xiaofen Du

Using texture analyzer to characterize pecan and olive oil tactile properties, compare to viscometer analysis, and link to fatty acid profile and total polyphenols
Journal of Texture Studies (2022)
Mindy Davila, Xuejun Liu, Zahra Yusufali, Xiaofen Du

Fresh cucumber fruit physicochemical properties, consumer acceptance, and impact of variety and harvest date
ACS Food Science & Technology (2022)
Xiaofen Du, Mindy Davila, Cierra Williams, Yiqun Weng

Consumer hedonic ratings and associated sensory characteristics and emotional responses to fourteen pecan varieties grown in Texas
Plants (2022)
Xiaofen Du, Xinwang Wang, Adriana Muniz, Keith Kubenka

Flavor enhancement of mushroom on egg whites and sensory properties of egg whites with mushroom topping using quantitative descriptive analysis
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture (2022)
Adriana Muniz, Xiaofen Du, Marcus Shanks

Aroma and flavor profile of raw and roasted Agaricus bisporus mushrooms using a panel trained with aroma chemicals
LWT (2021)
Xiaofen Du, Joanna Sissons, Marcus Shanks, Anne Plotto

Consumer acceptance of egg white partially substituted with mushrooms and mushroom-egg white flavor pairing
Food Science & Nutrition (Online) (2021)
Xiaofen Du, Adriana Muniz, Joanna Sissons, Wanyi Wang, Shanil Juma

Consumer acceptance of watermelon flesh-rind blends and the effect of rind on refreshing perception
Journal of Food Science (2021)
Jessica Ramirez, Shanil Juma, Xiaofen Du

Exploring plant performance, fruit physicochemical characteristics, volatile profiles, and sensory properties of day-neutral and short-day strawberry cultivars grown in Texas
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2021)
Gabrielle Scott, Cierra Williams, Russell W. Wallace, Xiaofen Du

Egg white partially substituted with mushroom: volatile aroma impartment from mushroom and impact of mushroom type, proportion, and cooking method
ACS Food Science & Technology (2021)
Adriana Muniz, Xiaofen Du

Egg white partially substituted with mushroom: taste impartment with mushroom amino acids, 5′-nucleotides, soluble sugars, and organic acids, and impact factors
ACS Food Science & Technology (2021)
Xiaofen Du, Adriana Muniz, Mindy Davila, Shanil Juma

Investigating sensory properties of seven watermelon varieties and factors impacting refreshing perception using quantitative descriptive analysis
Food Research International (2020)
Jessica L. Ramirez, Xiaofen Du, Russell W. Wallace

Identification volatile sulfurs in Florida fresh tomatoes and GC-olfactometry aroma profiling
Food Chemistry (2015)
Xiaofen Du, Mei Song, Elizabeth Baldwin, Russell Rouseff

Externally Funded Projects

Flavor Pairing
Firmenich | $73,062.00 | 2022
Role: Principal Investigator

New Age Meat Nucleotide Analysis
New Age Meats | $1,600.00 | 2022
Role: Principal Investigator

Snak Club Tajin Fruit Mix Consumer Testing
Century Snack | $5,705.00 | 2022
Role: Principal Investigator

Artemys Meat Flavor and Nutrient Analyses
Artemys Foods | $17,620.00 | 2022
Role: Principal Investigator

Verjus: A Natural Method to Improve Wine Acidity and Increase the Profitability of Grape Production in Texas
Texas Department of Agriculture | $17,907.00 | 2022
Role: Co-Principal Investigator

Verjus: A Natural Method to Improve Wine Acidity and Increase the Profitability of Grape Production in Texas
Texas Department of Agriculture-Specialty Crop Block Grant Program | $0.00 | 2021
Role: Co-Principal Investigator

New Age Meat Flavor Analysis
New Age Meats | $7,760.00 | 2021
Role: Principal Investigator

Snak Club Tajin Habanero Consumer Testing
Century Snack | $5,705.00 | 2021
Role: Principal Investigator

Snak Club Tajin Innovation Consumer Testing
Century Snack | $5,705.00 | 2021
Role: Principal Investigator

Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping And Marker-Assisted Pyramiding For Flavor Enhancing Chemicals To Promote Cucumber Consumption And Industry Use
USDA-NIFA | $500,000.00 | 2020
Role: Principal Investigator

Flavor Analysis of Maple, Hickory, and Apple Wood Smoked Bacon
tech5USA | $7,995.00 | 2020
Role: Principal Investigator

Truco Homestyle Tortilla Chips Consumer Test
Truco Enterprises | $5,355.00 | 2020
Role: Principal Investigator

Tajin Flavored Tortilla Chip Consumer Test
Truco Enterprises | $5,664.00 | 2020
Role: Principal Investigator

Bacon Crude Fat and Volatile Analysis
tech5USA | $3,219.00 | 2019
Role: Principal Investigator

Impact of Walnut Butter on Endothelial Function, Gut Microbiota, Inflammatory Biomarkers, and Weight Management in Overweight/Obese Middle School Children
California Walnut Commission | 2019
Role: Co-Investigator

Brianas Salad Dressing Consumer Test
Del Sol Food Company | $11,139.00 | 2019
Role: Principal Investigator

Investigating Refreshing Effect of Watermelon Flesh-Rind Blend and Impact on Post Exercise Inflammatory and Immune Response
National Watermelon Promotion Board | $46,759.00 | 2019
Role: Principal Investigator

Sensory and Food Sciences for Industry - Course Training
Brookhaven College/Texas Workforce Commission | $19,500.00 | 2018
Role: Principal Investigator

Consumer Liking for Sugar Reducing without Maintaining Sweetness Intensity in Flavored Water and the Impact of Beverage Secondary Functions
Firmenich Aromatics | $63,982.00 | 2018
Role: Principal Investigator

Cheese Emulsion Stability
Truco Enterprises | $3,500.00 | 2017
Role: Principal Investigator

How Much Does Methyl Anthranilate Contribute to Strawberry Flavor?
USDA ARS SEA US Horticultural Research Laboratory | $0.00 | 2017
Role: Principal Investigator

Palatability-Nutrition Congruency of Mushroom-Egg White Blends and Their Promotion of Satiety
USDA-NIFA (United States Department of Agriculture) | $150,000.00 | 2017
Role: Principal Investigator

Internally Funded Projects

Publication Fee
TWU - Publication Funds | $2,700.00 | 2022
Research Grant

Travel Support for ACS Fall 2022
TWU Travel Grant | $800.00 | 2022
Research Grant

Premium vs. Low-Quality Coffee: A Qualitative and Quantitative Flavor Profile Analysis
TWU Experimental Learning | $1,500.00 | 2021
Research Grant

Dynamic Changes of Oxidation Indicators, Natural Antioxidants, and Flavor Attributes (Appearance, Rancid Flavor, and Texture) of Pecan Kernel during Storage
TWU-REP (Research Enhancement Program) | $10,000.00 | 2021
Research Grant

American Chemistry Society (ACS), 2021 Fall Meeting
TWU-Travel Grant | $199.00 | 2021
Research Grant

Compusense Software Purchase
TWU-Small Grant | $800.00 | 2021
Research Grant

Cylinders Barricade Gas Cylinder Rack and Freezer
TWU-HEF (Higher Education Funds) | $3,000.00 | 2021
Research Grant

#1 Protein Analysis Tools; #2 Food Chemistry Analysis Tools and #3 Freezers
TWU TARGET (Teaching and Research Grant for Equipment and Technology) | $16,138.00 | 2021
Research Grant

Publication Fee
TWU Publication Fee | $2,000.00 | 2021
Research Grant

Development of Chemical References for Pecan Flavor Lexicon
TWU Student Research | $500.00 | 2021
Research Grant

Funds for Purchasing Compusense License and a Freezer
TWU-HNR (Human Nutrition Research) | $2,165.00 | 2021
Research Grant

Investigation of Flavor and Nutrient Relevant Amino Acids and Polyphenols in Selected Pecan Nuts and Oils
TWU Experimental Learning | $1,100.00 | 2020
Research Grant

Pecan Shell Volatile Extract and Shell Smoke Condensate Development and Their Volatile Profile Characterization
TWU-HNR (Human Nutrition Research) | $2,100.00 | 2020
Research Grant

Comparison of Sensory Quality and Nutritional Values of Pecan Oils from Native and Improved Pecan Nut Varieties
TWU-HNR (Human Nutrition Research) | $3,300.00 | 2020
Research Grant

Investigation of Volatile Profiles of Five Pecan Oils Using SAFE-GC-MS Techniques
TWU Student Research | $500.00 | 2020
Research Grant

Investigate Beer Flavor Refreshment and Its Impact on Consumer Liking
TWU-Experimental Learning Program | $1,500.00 | 2020
Research Grant

Consumer Tests of Pecan Oils and Pecan Nuts
TWU Faculty Research | $800.00 | 2020
Research Grant

Equipment: Muffle Furnace
TWU-Small Grant | $800.00 | 2020
Research Grant

Facility: Vent a Hood
TWU-HEF (Higher Education Funds) | $9,177.00 | 2020
Research Grant

Developing Sensory and Flavor Instrumental Analysis Tool and Investigating the Feasibility of Flavor Enhancement in Cucumber Plant Breeding
TWU-REP (Research Enhancement Program) | $10,000.00 | 2020
Research Grant

Equipment: Texture Analyzer
TWU-TAEGET (Teaching and Research Grant for Equipment and Technology) | $27,724.00 | 2020
Research Grant

Technological Feasibility of Mushroom Powder and Mushroom Protein as Plant-Based Meat Substitutes
TWU-Graduate Research Associate Award | $26,800.00 | 2019
Research Grant

Conference Attendance - Institute of Food Technologists (2019)
TWU-Travel Assistant Funding | $800.00 | 2019
Research Grant

GC Flow Meter
TWU-Small Grant | $810.00 | 2019
Research Grant

Equipment: GC-PFPD and GC Oven
TWU-HEF (Higher Education Fund) | $74,380.00 | 2019
Research Grant

Compusense Software, iPad, Rotary Evaporator, and Centrifuge
TWU-TARGET (Teaching and Research Grant for Equipment and Technology) | $27,230.00 | 2018
Research Grant

Flavor Characteristics of Hops Grown in Texas and Beers Made with Texas Hops
TWU Internships and Experiential Learning - Experiential Student Scholar Program | $1,500.00 | 2018
Research Grant

Mushroom as Meat Substitute: Contribution of Mushroom Aroma to Meat Flavor Using a Model Study
TWU-REP (Research Enhancement Program) | $10,000.00 | 2018
Research Grant

Preliminary Investigation on Hop and Beer Flavor Components and Sensory Evaluation
TWU-Student Small Grant | $1,500.00 | 2018
Research Grant

A Support for SAFE
TWU-Small Grants | $850.00 | 2018
Research Grant

Equipment: SAFE and Distillation Unit
TWU-HEF (Higher Education Fund) | $20,659.00 | 2018
Research Grant

Watermelon Rind Potential Flavor and Metabolism in Human Subjects
TWU-CRF (Chancellor's Research Fellows) | $8,000.00 | 2017
Research Grant

Request of Gel Permeation Chromatograph and Preparative Liquid Chromatograph
TWU-TARGET (Teaching and Research Grant for Equipment and Technology) | $86,210.00 | 2017
Research Grant

Conference Attendance - American Chemical Society (2017 Fall)
TWU-Travel Assistance | $800.00 | 2017
Research Grant

A Support Table for GC-MS/O
TWU-Small Grants | $870.00 | 2017
Research Grant

Impact of Methyl Anthranilate on Strawberry Flavor
TWU-HNR (Human Nutrition Research) | $3,458.00 | 2017
Research Grant

Exploring Freshness Flavor of Calamondin Peel and Juice by Sensory and Instrumental Analysis
TWU-REP (Research Enhancement Program) | $10,000.00 | 2017
Research Grant

Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • Chinese American Food Society
  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
  • Phi Tau Sigma, the Honor Society of Food Science and Technology