Wayne A. Brewer P.T., Ph.D., MPH, OCS, CSCS

Associate Professor

Director of Research

Physical Therapy

Wayne A. Brewer P.T., Ph.D., MPH, OCS, CSCS


Houston 6013

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Wayne Brewer, PT, PhD, MPH, OCS is the Coordinator of Research for the School of Physical Therapy on TWU's Houston campus. His scholarship focus is on physical activity measurement and promotion for individuals with chronic diseases and disabilities. This research includes instrumented tools to assess body composition, cardiovascular and muscular fitness performance for these individuals. He teaches in the areas of Exercise Testing and Prescription, Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy and Health Promotion and Wellness. He currently serves on the Institutional Review Board Committee for the university; is a Dean's Distinguished Fellow and is the Coordinator of Research for the School of Physical Therapy-Houston campus.


Ph.D., Physical Therapy, Texas Woman's University
M.P.H., Public Health, University of Pittsburgh
B.S., Physical Therapy (Cum Laude), University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests

Expertise; Physical Activity; Health Promotion; Exercise Testing; Exercise Prescription; Chronic Disease

Latest Articles

Transversus Abdominis Activation Does Not Alter Gait Impairments In Patients With AND Without Knee Osteoarthritis
Clinical Biomechanics (2021)
Daniel Flowers, Wayne Brewer, Katy Mitchell, Jennifer Ellison

Why are We Neglecting the Core Muscles in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis? A Narrative Review of the Literature
Physical Therapy Reviews (2021)
Daniel Flowers, Wayne Brewer, Jennifer Ellison, Katy Mitchell

Predicting Changes in Adolescent Muscle Mass with Field Testing
Texas Association of Health Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Journal (2020)
Laura Kabiri, Wayne Brewer, Alexis Ortiz

Relationships Between Physical Fitness and Perceived Athletic Competence in Adolescents
Texas Association of Health Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Journal (2020)
Wayne Brewer, Laura Kabiri, Alexis Ortiz

Validation of Cardiorespiratory Fitness Measurements in Adolescents
Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology (2019)
Pedro Migliano, Laura Kabiri, Wayne Brewer, Alexis Ortiz

Youth Health and Years in American Homeschool: Are They Related?
Health Promotion International (2019)
Laura Kabiri, Allison Butcher, Wayne Brewer, Alexis Ortiz

Criterion Validity and Sensitivity to Change of a Pediatric Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Scale in Adolescents
Childhood Obesity (2019)
Allison Butcher, Laura Kabiri, Wayne Brewer, Alexis Ortiz

Metabolic Responses to a Battling Rope Protocol Performed in the Seated or Stance Positions
Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (2018)
Wayne Brewer, Reka Kovacs, Kasey Hogan, Dominisha Felder, Hannah Mitchell

A Pilot Study To Determine the Effect of One Physical Therapy Session on Physical Activity Levels for Individuals With Chronic Low Back Pain
BMC Research Notes (2017)
Wayne Brewer, Brian Swanson, Alexis Ortiz, Toni Roddey

Can Metabolic Function and Physical Fitness Improve Without Weight-loss for Inactive, Obese, Hispanic Adolescents? A Feasibility Study
Physiotherapy Theory and Practice: An International Journal of Physical Therapy (2017)
Wayne Brewer, Sharon L Olson, Agneta L Sunehag

Muscle Activation Patterns during Suspension Training Exercises
International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy (2017)
Sean Harris, Elise A Bjork, Wayne A Brewer, Alexis Ortiz

How Healthy is Homeschool? An Analysis of Body Composition and Cardiovascular Disease Risk
Journal of School Health (2017)
Laura Kabiri, Katy Mitchell, Wayne A Brewer, Alexis Ortiz

The Validity of Fitbits' Active Minutes as Compared to a Research Grade Accelerometer and Self-Reported Measures
British Journal of Sports Medicine (2017)
Wayne A Brewer, Brian Swanson, Alexis Ortiz

Muscular and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Homeschool versus Public School Children
Pediatric Exercise Science (2017)
Laura Kabiri, Wayne A Brewer, Alexis Ortiz, Katy Mitchell

Motor Skill Proficiency Among Homeschool Children
Journal of Motor Learning and Development (2016)
Laura Kabiri, Wayne Brewer, Alexis Ortiz, Katy Mitchell

Management of Anterior Hip Pain Using a Movement System Impairment Approach: A Case Report
Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Practice (2016)
Allison Smith, Wayne A Brewer

A Comparison of Work-related Physical Activity Levels Between Inpatient and Outpatient Physical Therapists: A Prospective Cohort Trial
BMC Research Notes (2016)
Wayne Brewer, Raluchukwu Ogbazi Ogbazi, Devan Ohl, Jeffry Daniels

Are There Relationships Between Perceived and Actual Measures of Physical Fitness and Health for Healthy, Young Women?
Comprehensive Psychology (2015)
Wayne Brewer, Sharon L Olson


Health and Wellness Programs for Older Adults
in Handbook of Rehabilitation in Older Adults | Springer Publishing Co (2017)
Wayne Brewer, Mindy Maziarz, Christopher Ray

Externally Funded Projects

The Effect of Pea Protein Supplementation on Muscle Hypertrophy and Metabolic Parameters in Young Males Following an 8-week Resistance Training Program Year 1 of 1
Ingredion Incorporated | $180,862.00 | 2019
Role: Co-Principal Investigator

Fit And Strong Together (FAST): 12 Week Weight Management Program Year 1 of 1
Harris County Hospital District | $1,647.00 | 2017
Role: Principal Investigator

Reliability, Validity, and Sensitivity to Change of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and the Non-Exercise Test for Health Screenings among Adolescents Year 1 of 1
Texas Physical Therapy Foundation | $2,700.00 | 2016
Role: Co-Principal Investigator

Selecting Under-Represented Cohorts and Creating Enhancements of Skills and Scholastic Achievements in Physical Therapy (SUCCESS-PT) ($160,000) Year 2 of 2
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board | $160,000.00 | 2016
Role: Principal Investigator

Internally Funded Projects

Novel Lifestyle Intervention to Improve Exercise Tolerance, Physical Function, and Quality of Life in Obese Patients with Heart Failure and Preserved Ejection Fraction: A Pilot Study
Research Enhancement Program | $10,000.00 | 2020
Research Grant

Small Research Grant Program
Texas Woman's University | $450.00 | 2015
Research Grant

Professional Affiliations

  • American Physical Therapy Association: Cardiopulmonary Section
  • American Physical Therapy Association: Orthopedic Section