Kathleen Davis, Ph.D., RDN, LD

Associate Professor

Nutrition and Food Sciences

Kathleen Davis, Ph.D., RDN, LD


SRC 204H


Kathleen Davis, PhD, RDN, LD is an Associate Professor of Nutrition at Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who has special expertise in pediatric nutrition. Prior to her work in academia, Dr. Davis had extensive experience in clinical and community nutrition, particularly in infant clinical nutrition. Her current teaching focuses on preparing future RDNs for clinical practice. Her research focuses on the prevention and treatment of pediatric obesity. She is currently collaborating with University of North Texas Kinesiology faculty to provide a multi-level nutrition and physical activity intervention to SNAP-eligible Head Start children and their families. This Texas Health and Human Services Commission-SNAP-Ed funded grant aims to improve dietary quality and physical activity to prevent obesity. A second key area of research interest is nutrition for children with developmental delay or conditions such as autism affecting their cognitive and/or neuological function. She is also the co-Lead for EatWell, the nutrition literacy and food security-focused arm of the campus Health and Well-Being Initiative. In this role, she has been focused on ways of improving food security of TWU students. 


Ph.D., Nutrition, Texas Woman's University, Denton, TX
M.S., Nutrition, Texas Woman's University, Denton, TX
B.S., Dietetics and Nutritional Administration, Texas Woman's University, Denton, TX
B.A., French, University of North Texas, Denton, TX

Research Interests

Pediatric Obesity Prevention and Weight Management; Pediatric Developmental Disorders and Nutritional Intervention; Food insecurity of college students; food literacy of college students.

Latest Articles

Factors associated with food security of Texas Woman's University Freshmen.
Journal of American College Health (2022)
Francilia K Brito Silva, Wanyi Wang, Carolyn E. Moore, Kathleen Davis

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Farm to Future: A Virtual Summer Nutrition Culinary Camp for Kids
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Low Food Security Present on College Campuses Despite High Nutrition Literacy
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Obesity and Metabolic Conditions
in Sustainable Community Health: Systems and Practices in Diverse Settings | Palgrave (2020)
Kathleen Davis, Theresa Abah, Elias Mpofu, Tinashe Dune, Ami Moore

Nutrition Practices to Grow Healthy Communities
in Sustainable Community Health: Systems and Practices in Diverse Settings | Palgrave (2020)
Kathleen Davis, Clare Brock

Externally Funded Projects

Head Start to Healthy Lifestyles Year 1 of 5
Texas Health and Human Services Commission | $223,496.00 | 2021
Role: Co-Principal Investigator

Physiological Assessment of Denton Firefighters
City of Denton | $40,000.00 | 2019
Role: Co-Principal Investigator

Impact of Walnut Butter on Endothelial Function, Gut Microbiota, Inflammatory Biomarkers, and Weight Management in Overweight/Obese Teenage Children Year 1 of 2
California Walnut Commission | 2019
Role: Collaborator

Internally Funded Projects

A Nourishing Space: Growing Entrepreneurs in Nutrition and Health Sciences
Jane Nelson Institute for Women's Leadership | $38,365.00 | 2021
Research Grant

First-Year Student Food Insecurity Intervention
Texas Woman's University | $9,934.00 | 2021
Research Grant

Evaluating Parent Perceptions of Eating Behaviors, Weight, and Needed Support Among Parents of Children with Autism and Obesity
Texas Woman's University Research Enhancement Program | $7,434.00 | 2019
Research Grant

Text-Messaging to Prevent Early Childhood Obesity
Texas Woman's University Office of Research and Sponsored Programs | $9,887.00 | 2017
Research Grant

Professional Affiliations

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • American Society of Nutrition
  • National Association of Research Nutritionists
  • Pediatric Nutrition Network
  • Pediatric Nutrition Practice Group
  • Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior