Titus Asbury, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Core Undergraduate Psychology Faculty

Psychology & Philosophy

Titus Asbury, Ph.D.


CFO 803


Ph.D., Experimental Psychology, Texas Christian University, Ft. Worth, TX, 2001
M.A., Experimental Psychology, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN, 1993
B.A., Psychology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, 1991

Research Interests

Cyberpsychology; Human-Techology Interface; Social Networking; Technology and Boundary Management; Construct Validation and Assessment

Latest Articles

Lurking towards empowerment: Explaining propensity to engage with online health support groups and its association with positive outcomes
Computers in Human Behavior (2019)
C. Fullwood, D. Chadwick, M. Keep, A. Attrill-Smith, E.T. Asbury

Inherent difficulties accounting for prenatal and perinatal risk factors in samples of post-institutionalized children
International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice (2018)
E T Asbury

Online interactions: Comparing self-disclosure and self-presentation between friendship and dating
International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Science (2018)
G Larson, E T Asbury

Family eJournal: Benefits of online guided group journaling for women's health
Journal of Public Mental Health: The Art, Science and Politics of creating a Mentally Healthy Society (2018)
T E Asbury, J Casey, K Parikh

Therapeutic potential of social networking sites for caregivers
Psychology Research (2015)
E T Asbury, N Meyers

Therapeutic potential of social networking sites for caregivers
Psychology Research (2014)
Trey Asbury, N Meyers

Family eJournal as an Online Relationship Enhancement Tool
SOJ Psychology (2014)
T Asbury, K Strauss


Natives and Immigrants: Closing the Digital Generation Gap
in Applied Cyberpsychology: Practical Applications of Cyberpsychological Theory and Research | Palgrave (2016)
Trey Asbury