Celia C. Lo, Ph.D.



Sociology and Social Work

Celia C. Lo, Ph.D.


CFO 306


Throughout my career, I have been fascinated by the seeming connections among health, substance use, violence, and crime. Because I am curious about interfaces, much of my work has been interdisciplinary in nature. Nevertheless, the theoretical orientation of my research has stemmed specifically from sociology, criminology, or public health. The research I have published offers evidence that strain may serve to link negative emotions to social inequality, relating the personal to the institutional. In addition, when drug and alcohol consumption have been institutionally deemed deviant or criminal behavior, then substance use--a health behavior--becomes linked to deviance or crime. Deviance and crime, in turn, are associated with the allocation of social resources, which is a process that has historically shortchanged those outside the ethnic majority or the middle and upper classes. Conceptualizing substance use as both a deviant behavior and a health-risk behavior, I have focused my most recent research on possible links between contextual-level economic conditions and the individual-level social-structural factors of race/ethnicity, substance use, and health.


Ph.D., Sociology, University of Alabama, 1993
M.A., Sociology, University of Alabama, 1988

Research Interests

Alcohol and Drugs; Mental Health; Disparities in Health-Risk Behaviors and Health; Health and Illness; Deviance and Crime; Victimization

Latest Articles

Working Alliance in Case Management: An Essential Element for Successful Outcome
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Racial/Ethnic Differences in HIV Testing: An Application of the Health Services Utilization Model
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Explaining Restrictive TANF Policies: Group Threat Hypothesis and State Economy Conditions
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How SES May Figure in Perceptions of Zika Virus's Risks and in Preventive Action
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Do Social Work Education, Job Description, and Ethnic/Racial Matching Foster Child-Welfare Caseworkers' Therapeutic Alliances?
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Linking worker-parent working alliance to parent progress in child welfare: A longitudinal analysis
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Racial disparities in welfare dependence and financial independence: Links to socioeconomic status, local economy, and state TANF policies
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Racial Disparities in Intimate Partner Violence Examined Through the Multiple Disadvantage Model
Journal of Interpersonal Violence (2016)
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Racial Disparities in Welfare Dependence and Financial Independence: Links to Human Capital, Local Economy, and State Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Policies
Journal of Social Service Research (2016)
Tyrone C Cheng, Celia Lo, Jow Weber

Current Projects

Linking childhood victimization to crime, substance use, and health. Childhood victimization taking direct or vicarious forms and occurring before and after adolescence, constitutes serious strain that can lead to crime, substance use, and illness. Explaining health disparities among Asian immigrant groups. In the United States, the concepts "model minority" and "healthy immigrant effect" popularly justify the assumption of good health for the lumped-together group of Asian immigrants. And yet science has identified health disparities between one Asian immigrant group and another. Analyzing NHIS data covering a quarter-century, I plan to weigh social-structural status, acculturation, and further relevant factors as I model and explain several health outcomes for distinct groups of Asian immigrants. Develop programs teaching women immigrants from Nigeria about beneficial HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening. Experimental research would evaluate this population's potential use of self-sampling as an alternative to clinic-based pap tests. Studies show this population to have a low rate of participation in cervical cancer screening.

Professional Affiliations

  • Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society
  • American Public Health Association
  • American Society of Criminology
  • American Sociological Association