Nasrin Mirsaleh-Kohan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Nasrin Mirsaleh-Kohan, Ph.D.

ASSC 327


Ph.D., Physics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennesse
M.S., Physics, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio
B.S., Physics, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering; Interaction of Anticancer Drugs with DNA; Negative Ions; Radiation Damage to DNA; Spectroscopy Techniques

Latest Articles

Raman and Infrared Studies of Platinum-Based Drugs: Cisplatin, Carboplatin, Oxaliplatin, Nedaplatin and Heptaplatin
Journal of Physical Chemistry A (2018)
M Torres, S Khan, M Duplanty, H C Lozano, T J Morris

Energetics and Vibrational Signatures of Nucleobase Argyrophilic Interactions
ACS Omega (2018)
S Lee, S Johnson, T Ellington, Nasrin Mirsaleh-Kohan, G Tschumper

Civic Engagement for Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors at Texas Woman's University
American Association of Colleges and Universities (2018)
C. F. Maguire, Nasrin Mirsaleh-Kohan, R. D. Sheardy

Raman Scattering of Cisplatin Near Silver Nanoparticles
Optics Communications (2018)
Nasrin Mirsaleh-Kohan, M. Duplanty, M. Torres, M. Moazzezi, Y.V. Rostovtsev

Laser Shock-Wave Induced Crystallization
Journal of Crystal Growth & Design (2017)
Nasrin Mirsaleh-Kohan, A. Fischer, B. Graves, M. Bolorizadeh, D. Kondepudi

Incorporating Photo-Book of Concepts in Physics and Environmental Chemistry Courses
Science Education and Civic Engagement: An International Journal (2016)
Nasrin MirsalehKohan, Cynthia Maguire

Low-Energy Electron-Induced 'Oxygen Fixation' to DNA SAMs studied by stimulated anion desorption
Journal of Physics: Conference Series (2014)
S Massey, N Mirsaleh-Kohan, Y Zheng, A D Bass, L Sanche

Resonance-Rayleigh Scattering and Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy of Silver Nanocubes
Journal of Physcis Chemistry C (2014)
V Iberi, N W Bigelow, N Mirsaleh-Kohan, S Griffin, P D Simmons

Understanding Plasmonic Properties in Metallic Nanostructures by Correlating Photonic and Electronic Excitations
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2013)
V. Iberi, Nasrin Mirsaleh-Kohan, J. P. Camden

Low Energy Electron Stimulated Desorption from DNA films dosed with Oxygen
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2012)
Nasrin Mirsaleh-Kohan, A. D. Bass, P. Cloutier, S. Massey, L. Sanche

Single-Molecule Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering: Can STEM/EELS Image Electromagnetic Hot Spots?
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2012)
Nasrin Mirsaleh-Kohan, V. Iberi, P. D. Simmons Jr., N. W. Bigelow, A. Vaschillo

Effect of Morphology of Thin DNA Films on the Electron Stimulated Desorption of Anion
Journal of Chemical Physics (2011)
Nasrin Mirsaleh-Kohan, A. D. Bass, L. Sanche

Ionic and Vibrational Properties of an Ultra-low Ionization Potential Molecule: Tetrakis(dimethylamino)ethylene
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry (2011)
Nasrin Mirsaleh-Kohan, W. D. Robertson, R. N. Compton, S. A. Krasnokutski, D. S. Yang


Communicating Your Research to the Public: A Trip to the Mall
in Citizens First! Democracy, Social Responsibility and Chemistry | ACS Symposium Books (2018)
Nasrin MirsalehKohan, S. Khan, Cynthia Maguire, Richard D. Sheardy

Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society (ACS) 2006-present
  • Sigma Pi Sigma (National Physics Honor Society), Lifetime membership

Honors & Awards

  • Co-recipient of the William E. Bennett Award for Extraordinary Contributions to Citizen Science from the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement, National Center for Science and Civic Engagement (2018)
  • Redbud Awards Festival Faculty Advisor of the Year, Texas Woman's University, Texas Woman's University (2018)
  • Mary Mason Lyon Award, Texas Woman's University (2018)
  • Leadership Fellows, National Center for Science and Civic Engagement, National Center for Science and Civic Engagement (2017)