Elisa Na, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Core Undergraduate Psychology Faculty

Elisa Na, Ph.D.


CFO 810



Doctors Degree or Equivalent, The University of Iowa
B.S., University of Washington

Research Interests

Using Transgenic Mouse Models; Epigenetic and Neurobiological Bases of Obesity; Behavioral Food Response

Latest Articles

Sustained effects of rapidly acting antidepressants require BDNF-dependent MeCP2 phosphorylation
Nature Neuroscience (2021)
Ji-Woon Kim, Anita E. Autry, Elisa S. Na, Ege Kavalali, Lisa M. Monteggia

Decreased sensitivity to the anorectic effects of leptin in mice that lack a Pomc-specific neural enhancer
PLoS ONE (2020)
Elisa S. Na, Daniel D. Lam, Eva Yokosawa, Jessica M. Adams, Malcolm J. Low

D-cycloserine improves synaptic transmission in an animal model of Rett syndrome.
PLoS ONE (2017)
Elisa Na, H DeJesus-Cortes, Z D Kabir, W Jieqi, V Ramesh

Impact of DNMT1 and DNMT3a forebrain knockout on depressive- and anxiety like behavior in mice.
Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (2016)
Michael J Morris, Elisa S Na, Anita E Autry, Lisa M Monteggia

Internally Funded Projects

Understanding the relationship between obesity and depression using mouse models
GOV-Texas Woman's University | $10,000.00 | 2021
Research Grant

Neurocognitive impairments and the role of MeCP2 in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Woodcock Institute Research Grant | $12,000.00 | 2020
Research Grant