Shamsun Nahar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Shamsun Nahar, Ph.D.

OMB 411E


Shamsun Nahar's research lies at the intersection of health equity among women and disaster social work. Her research focuses on promoting women's health rights and gender equality among critically disadvantaged and underrepresented women, such as disaster affected women, homeless women, and gender discriminated women. Nahar's devotion to social work derives from her work experience with diversified populations. Her professional background encompasses work experiences in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, community development, and intimate partner violence in national and international settings. Her career goal is to promote social, economic, and environmental justice; improve the quality and effectiveness of social programs and services; and infuse a multicultural perspective as a dedicated teacher, a productive researcher, and an engaged social worker in the community.


Ph.D., Social Work, The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX
M.S.W., Social Work, The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX
M.Soc.Sci, Sociology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Research Interests

Disasters and Women's Health; Women's Reproductive Health; Health Disparities; Gender Equality; Intimate Partner Violence; International Social Work

Latest Articles

Measuring women's empowerment in developing countries: A systematic review
Journal of International Development (2021)
Shamsun Nahar, C. W. Mengo

Transportation Barriers among Immigrant Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence
Transportation Research Record (2021)
Shamsun Nahar, C. Cronley

"There's like no support system": The life course stories of women with children about growing up, becoming mothers, and becoming homeless
Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless (2019)
C. Cronley, S. Nahar, K. Hohn

Marital Rape and HIV Risk in Uganda: The Impact of Women's Empowerment Factors
Violence Against Women (2019)
C. W. Mengo, M. Okumu, B. Ombayo, S. Nahar, E. Small

Girl child discrimination and child stunting in India: What can be done?
International Journal of Community and Social Development (2019)
Shamsun Nahar, V. Pillai

The art of living with chronic health conditions
Illness, Crisis, & Loss (2019)
S.(1) Nahar, V.(1) Miller, R. Praetorius, J. Rivedal

Cultural roadblocks on women's reproductive health rights: A qualitative interpretive meta-synthesis (QIMS)
Health Care for Women International (2019)
Shamsun Nahar, C. W. Mengo

Contextual and ethnic variations in teenage fertility in Texas: Implications for policy interventions
Social Development Issues (2018)
Shamsun Nahar, V. Pillai

Reproductive health rights and survival: The voices of mothers experiencing homelessness
Women & Health (2017)
K. Hohn, C. Cronley, Shamsun Nahar

The concept of socia development: Text analysis of literature
Social Development Issues (2015)
Shamsun Nahar


Reproductive health disparities among women experiencing homelessness: Theoretical perspectives and a review of the empirical literature
in Women's sexual and reproductive health handbook | Routledge (2019)
C. Cronley, Shamsun Nahar